Week’s highlights: Lab.org, Ski.biz, CoffeeShop.net, and more, on auction.

Dear All,

As great names are keeping coming in, this high summer time is a great opportunity
to grab any of these premium domains now available for a short time for bidding.

A few examples of names on auction this week are presented to you in the following.

.org auctions, all ending Tuesday, August 9:
- Lab.org, this 3 letter one word domain is definitely a most precious asset, suits great for each and every lab out there.
- Borders.org, beyond borders, with no borders, this is a perfect name for a wide range of organizations.
- Witches.org, the name says it all…
- Teams.org, unlimited uses for this one, from recruitment to education, from games to sport, etc.
- Technolog.org, beautiful and brandable, a great one for any technology related organization.

.biz auctions, all ending Thursday, August 11:
- Ski.biz, Ski, a multi million $ global industry, 3 letter one word domain, huge potential for this name.
- DF.biz, 2 letter premium .biz, many great uses: Domain/Design/Developer Forum…
- Movie.biz, Movie business! look no further.
- Toys.biz, a premium generic domain, all around toys.
- CostaRica.biz, the right GEO domain for any and all business with CostraRica, a country 4,5 million people.
- InsureCar.biz, 20,200,000 google results, CPC: $20.48 + this is a no reserve auction! Just grab it.
- LiveAuctions.biz, a fantastic site for running live auctions ;) All TLDs already taken.
- 2×4.biz, a most unique .biz domain.

.net auctions:
- CoffeeShop.net, a category killer for CoffeeShops, millions of Coffee Shops, one site.
- ATMCard.net, a popular product domain.

.coms, for quick catchers:
- PhoneCamera.com, a great product domain, 61,100,000 google search results, easily a PR1 – Ending today.
- TopViewed.com, a superb name e.g. for ranking sites, tv programs, photos, etc. – Ending tomorrow, Tuesday.
- SoulHeart.com, an ideal name for a dating site – Ending Wednesday, August 10.

Last but not least, for baseball fans, a set of 9 .com baseball blog sites, covering a third of all baseball teams in the MLB, ending on Friday.

We wish much luck to all members, and welcome you to watch or join the auctions.

Best regards,
The Bido Team

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