This Weeks Events ~ 4L on the 24th, 5L on the 25th, WS Auction on the 27th

The “Cream of the Crop”

All close this week! (Perfect for any Online TV platform) (Fantastic for companies in the stocks market) (Perfect for any posters company) (Ideal for an FX Investment site) (“The Online experts”) (Truly a category killer) ( Ideal for  TV/Internet  convergence) + (brandable and both cvcv too!!!) (Strong and rare 2 Letter biz) (The place to “Pawn” in your Gold!”)


This Week We Have Three Closing Events Too!

Four Letter Com Auction ends Tuesday May 24th

Highlights “Pronounceable” “VCVC com!” “VCVC  com!” “VCVC com!” “VCVC com and perfect as an adult portal” (Double B, Double E!) “Triple repeating P” “A VCVC com!”


Five Letter Com Auction ends Wednesday May 25th

Highlights “You bill” “Highly Brandable” “Instant Bet brand” “Quadruple repeating F” “A surname and a first name!” “A to Z Spy!” “UltraViolet CAR!!!” “Instant Brand!” “Perfect for an info site for fans of the films”


.WS Auction ends Friday May 27th

Highlights “Superb key term” “Strong geo!” “Another superb geo!” “Superb keyord” “Most flyers wants one” “Strong legal term” “Excellent for a dating site” “Ideal for use as an online education portal” (LED TV!!!) “A multi million $ Industry”

thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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