No Reserve .Com Auction on Tuesday ~ Premium Domains on Wednesday ~ Great .Biz on Thursday ~ US day on Friday

“No reserve, Starting Bid $38″ and all strong .Coms ~ all close Tuesday June 14th¬† ~ 80 .com on Auction to the highest bidder (Webcam / camcorder deals!!!!) (A HUGE collectors market!!!) (Perfect for the BLOGOSPHERE!!) (An instant recruitment JOB site!!!) (Highly sought after all over the WORLD!!!) (Perfect for logo design, avatars, original art, web design!!)


Premium names Day Wednesday, all close Jun 15th 2011

Highlights (Extended Auction with a $2 k price drop, it’ll “bug ya” if you don’t get it!!) (Strong Business term!) (A superb Fashion .Net domain!!!) (Perfect for the Video/ TV web!!!)


Co/So Day, all close Monday Jun 13th, 2011

Highlights “Extremely brandable!!” “SUPERB PRODUCT DOMAIN!” ” Nice GEO!!!” “Great for a job site CV and a key domain category cvcv domains!!” “Prime Business keyword!” “Perfect for any type of ticket site!” “SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!”


.Biz Day closes Thursday June 16th

Highlights “SUPERB PRODUCT DN!!” ” RARE 2 Number domain!” “KEY Auto hire / purchase term!!” “EVERYBODY loves them”


US Day Friday,all close Jun 17th 2011

Highlights (A PRIME vacation destination in Mexico!!) (Ever popular product!) (Billions do!!!) (A massive Industry!!!)


Upcoming Auction next week!

The Third UpMarketDNs  Featured Auction On Bido Is For Geo Domains !!

UpMarketDNs / Bido III is live June 18th – June 22nd

(Click link below to prebid)

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