New Year New Updates, on Bido

As 2011 starts, we have introduced a few updates on Bido, that we believe can be beneficial for both buyers and sellers on Bido. Here a summary of some of these updates.

  • Bidding on all items starts at $38 as default:
  • This helps sellers to have their listing more attractive for bidding and thus to attract more bids already at the beginning, once items are available for bidding.
    The BidoPrice (Reserve Price) is, as always has been, the decisive price for closing a sale. If the BidoPrice has not been met the seller has 24 hours to accept the highest bid, otherwise the item will remain unsold. More infos on BidoPrice please find here.

  • The Buy-It-Now (BIN) Price is now free to list for all of your items:
  • We used to require an additional fee for listing a BIN Price. As of Jan, 1 – listing, adding, and changing a BIN Price is open for all free of any cost. The BIN Price is active and enabled the whole time while the item is listed. The BIN Price can be added and changed anytime also for items that were  already listed and currently up for voting. Add your BIN Price now by clicking here.

  • Sellers may reduce the BidoPrice at any time while the item is up for voting:
  • Reducing the BidoPrice resets the days left for voting back to 30, while keeping the already obtained votes. This way sellers can get a longer exposure time for their items to be voted on.

  • Re-auction and Re-listing functions added:
  • Some sellers encountered this situation, when wishing to relist their items, having to go again over the submission process. Bido responds to this need of having a better way to re-auction and relist your domains on Bido, by introducing the following functions.
    Re-auction: When an item was not sold in an auction on Bido, Bido lets sellers now re-auction their items, even again and again, till the items get sold.
    Re-list: When an item did not receive enough votes it may be relisted for voting.

    There is no additional cost for both functionalities, it is merely required to have a cool-off period of 60 days between re-auctioning or re-listing your item.

  • Bido gives out weekly voting points:
  • Bido gives out further on, each Monday morning, free complementary voting points to all Bido members. Additional voting points may be purchased for $8.88 here.
    Additionally, all Bido members were  given on 1/1/11, 1 BidoCredit as a starter kit for the new year!

    We wish the Bido community a successful new year and happy bidding!
    The Bido Team

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    1. fr1nge21 says:

      Realy love the changes, Keep up the good work!!!

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