.Net Day! ~ Premium .Bz Day ~ Premium .Me Day

The Upcoming Weeks Highlights

All close week ending June 10th!

Net Day Tuesday,all close Jun 7 2011

Bug.net (Extended Auction with a $2 k price drop, it’ll “bug ya” if you don’t get it!!)

Permit.net (PRICED TO SELL!)

Waiver.net (Strong Business term!)

Wear.net (A superb Fashion .Net domain!!!)

MotleyCrue.net (A general phrase and a kick ass Rock Band!)

Watching.net (Perfect for the Video/ TV web!!!)


Premium .Bz Day, all close Thursday Jun 9, 2011

Gas.bz “A Key Word to say the least!”

Battery.bz “Every car/watch/laptop etc needs one!!”


MotorCycles.bz ” Popular ALL over the World!!!”

Flying.bz “Strong key term for travellers everywhere!”

Motels.bz “Next to Hotels the best travel accom term!”

Concerts.bz “Perfect for a ticket site!”

BelizeCity.bz “Great geo and a .bz” (A Belize geo too!!!)


.Me Day,all close Friday June 10th


Martini.me “Cool alcoholic drink for the ladeeeeeeeeez and the gents!!”

Micro.me ” Mini Me? Micro Me! PC Me?!”

tvs.me “Say no more!!”

Caress.me “PERFECT for an adult dating / romance site”

Arsenal.me “A world famous football club, ideal for a fan site!”

Victory.me “Great for a gaming site”


A few names of note also closing this week

ruve.com “A strong cvcv com!!”

Cnuli.com “a developed Website with content!”

thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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