L, LL, LLL Event on Bido, May 18

Bido runs a special auction event on May 18, with exclusive L, LL, LLL domains, some of which have never been open for registration to the general public before, and are here for the first time on the market. 50 domains are included, and are auctioned on May 18, to the highest bidder, on Bido. Here some of event’s highlights:

BUG.netA highly brandable domain, for everything around computers.
PLO.net – A premium 3 letter .net, historical meaning, and many new usage possibilities.
ddd.net – Extremely rare Triple letter net.
g2g.net – Beautiful name, brandable and catchy.
t-v.net – Watch it on the T-V net! A great name for video streaming.

Maj.com – A Major domain! abbr. for Major, .com.
eiv.com – A superb 3 letter com with many current acronyms.
rrz.com – A double-r 3 letter com with many acronyms.
eyt.com – Enjoy Yourself Tonight ! A superb 3 letter com!

L – 1 letter domains:

LL Domains:


This event is a great opportunity to enrich your portfolio with rare L-LLL domains, whose value will most certainly just go up and up over time.

Most of the domains auctioned on the May 18 L, LL, LLL Event, are brought to you by Bido’s partner UpMarketURLS.

In other news: Bido has a buyer who is currently interested in purchasing a few LL.com in the $50-$100k range. In case you know about any LL.com domain still available at this range, please contact us.

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