Bido: We Are Back

After a few months of being away, Bido is back in business. We missed you, don’t ever doubt it.

We’re excited to continue where we left off, in order to further the platform, promote social auctions, and present auctions of items that are in demand. People from the old staff will continue to serve you and to the Bido community, as before, and with a refreshed spirit.

We’ve moved into a shiny new server space and rebuilt our auction architecture. The front end has stayed the same and everything you have become familiar with on Bido is where you’ll remember it to be. We’ve also planned a few improvements and new features that we’ll unveil in the near future. We’re committed to the continuing improvement of Bido.

Please follow our main Twitter account for information on upcoming enhancements and the most active auctions:

We also have these sub accounts where we will announce some featured items up for auction and for voting:

And if you liked Bido before, become a fan on our Facebook page:

We have also a new official blog, please bookmark it and add it to your reader:

As part of the transition to make Bido better, we’re very eager to hear your feedback. We encourage anyone who would like to be a part of the evolution of Bido to kindly send us your thoughts and ideas. Our feedback portal can be found here:

If you have any questions or comments about your account, our auctions, or the transition overall, please be sure to get a hold of us via our support desk:

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the platform. If you’re interested in a tour of the system to learn all about how Bido works, please reach out and we’ll be glad to walk through it together with you.

Now is a great opportunity to bid on domains currently listed on Bido, as well as to list your domains that are for sale. They’ll have some good exposure. Visit the site and load your domains into the system:

Jarred and
The Bido Team

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4 Responses to Bido: We Are Back

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  2. Chip Meade says:

    Welcome back. Looking forward to the new site and to get some action on a marketplace that moves domains. Looking for bargains! Cheers.

  3. Tony Kluge / DomainLynx says:

    Welcome back!

    Just noticed a “typo” on your tagline at the top of the blog page.
    I’m sure it should read “We auction stuff people want.” :-)

  4. chandan says:

    welcome back bido :)

    wish you a very grand success on upcoming sales.

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