Bido update: A new day, a new release. Features explained:

Today we’ve pushed a new version to, and we want to share some of the highlights and details with you. Many have asked what we have been up to lately and we emerge with some good news.

One of the main features that you’ll notice now is the “Ask the seller a question” module. This new question and answer module allows prospective purchasers to ask a seller a question on any auction. Sellers are able to respond to the questions and have discussions with the prospective buyers. Sellers are also able to make the questions and answers visible to others, in case they feel the information will help their sale. If a seller makes a question visible, that means if anyone else visits the auction page, they would be able to read those previously asked questions and their answers. There’s also a file upload tool that should be very useful to help facilitate the exchange of information. For example, a seller may wish to provide a report of traffic from Google Analytics, an export of parking statistics, a custom logo, or other files that would assist prospective purchasers to make a bid.

Another module that frequent sellers might savor is the Resolution of item conflicts module. If you have tried to park a domain at a company where the previous owner had the domain parked, this scenario may sound familiar. If you have ever tried to list a domain on Bido that was in someone else’s account, you would previously hit a roadblock and need to contact Bido support in order to proceed. However, this new module provides sellers a self-serve system to resolve these cases without intervention by Support.

Also in this update we have released a couple hundred various other improvements around the site that overall should make the experience that much better for all Bido members and visitors. Sorting columns is more intuitive, the site loads a lot faster, the cache system works better, some updates to our affiliate program, and a number of other improvements.

We urge all affiliates to log in and get your affiliate links and banners, and add them to your blogs and domain related websites.

We hope you enjoy the changes and we’re looking forward to continuing to take the platform capabilities farther and better for all.

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  1. Bido says:

    Thank you Erdinc for your feedback. We actually have a feedback portal where we encourage ideas and where we also prioritize feedback:
    Anyway, your points are noted. The front end UI will be getting overhauled in the future. We’ll see what can be done to improve those things. The interest gauges that you mention we don’t have plans to hide them but anything is possible, perhaps making this a per-user preference. We’ll take a look. As for themed auctions, this is something we will explore in the future (our position on that has not changed). We appreciate your support as we work to continuously make Bido better and better.

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