Auction Schedule

In an effort to better organize our auctions, provide a satisfying experience for buyers and sellers, and to the tune of auctions being “events”, we’ve implemented a new auction schedule that we’ll follow when listing auctions:
Bido Auction Schedule
We’re focusing on the TLD of the domains and so we’ve grouped the different areas of the world into different time slots. Please have a look at the new auction schedule and let us know what you think, as your feedback is important to us. We’ve got some work to do to adapt the autolist settings to integrate with this new format, so please excuse our dust while we work on those core functions of your settings. In the short term, we’re carefully setting up auctions according to this schedule, and in the long term, we plan to allow sellers more flexibility with selecting auction times within this new schedule that is being followed.
We’ve also rearranged some auctions that have not yet started, have a look and place your bids now.

In other news, we’ve reduced the amount of domains sellers may submit each day. This will put less fatigue on the voters and make a fairer marketplace for all sellers who submit quality inventory. The idea is the quality will stand out easier, get more activity, and as such, buyers and sellers will more easily accomplish their buying and selling goals.
We hope you enjoy these changes and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback in the comments and on our feedback portal.

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