April 13 – Featured Auctions Day on Bido

Bido runs a special auction event on April 13, with featured domains, newly released to the market. 40 domains are included, and are auctioned on April 13, to the highest bidder, on Bido. Here some of Bido’s picks:

Toni ! – A premium CVCV .COM, exclusively on Bido: http://Bido.com/Toni.com – Toni ! The one and only – make this one be yours!

MILAN.net – A major city in Italy and a famous football club: Get it and make it yours. http://Bido.com/Milan.net

see.net – One of the most promising domains in sight, look and vision. http://Bido.com/see.net: Have you seen? Bid now and win!

VR.NET – The perfect name for the Virtual Reality Network. VR: make it real!! http://Bido.com/VR.NET

Branding Strategy .com – Everyone needs a Branding Strategy! The END of the Branding Strategy search: http://Bido.com/BrandingStrategy.com !

Data Mines .com – Engaged in data mining? this is the site: http://Bido.com/DataMines.com ! Bid now and start your success in data mining !!!

HireFirm.com – Hires a Firm ? –> http://Bido.com/HireFirm.com : Right, you’ve found it! The firm to hire is here.

DieselCars.net – $2,000, tens of millions potential here, one for each Diesel Car out there!!! http://Bido.com/DieselCars.net Bid on Diesel Cars and win!

CarBrakes.com ! – $3,500, and every car has car brakes ! hundreds of millions of potential here, one for each car brakes out there!!! http://Bido.com/CarBrakes.com Bid on CarBrakes.com and win!

forks.net – $2,000, many uses. http://Bido.com/forks.net

amplifiers.net – You’re heard it right! http://Bido.com/amplifiers.net

LuxuryHire.com – Services for the upper class, the luxury hire. http://Bido.com/LuxuryHire.com

dnchoice.com – $499, yep, the right domain name choice. http://Bido.com/dnchoice.com

Position.org – $2,000, the perfect name for recruitment, jobs and freelance agencies. http://Bido.com/Position.org

deposit.org – $2,900, and you have found the deposit organization. http://Bido.com/deposit.org

iPods.us – $400, The site for marketing iPods in the US. http://Bido.com/iPods.us

t-v.net – $999, needless say more, just watch it on the T-V net ! http://Bido.com/t-v.net

insect.net – for anyone in the insect business, this is the name http://Bido.com/insect.net

wet.biz – Bathroom accessories sales, Western European Time, bet/gamble in German, … http://Bido.com/wet.biz

mature.me – all about the mature me ;) http://Bido.com/mature.me

All domains auctioned on the April 13 Featured Auctions Day event, are brought to you by Bido’s partner UpMarketURLS.

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